Linnart Felkl

Graduated industrial engineer with a M.Sc. from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zürich). Founder an owner of SCDA. Expert in custom analytics and simulation application development for manufacturing companies, retailers, and ERP developers.

“I am an industrial engineer and software developer with work experience in CAPEX intensive industries and logistics-related projects. Exemplary industries comprise automotive, steel, alu, copper, intermodal terminal operation, container terminal operation, mining, job shop manufacturing, etc.

I have worked on production planning projects related to master production scheduling, ERP integration, and detailed scheduling automatization in large factories with several thousand employees. Other exemplary projects include: Factory simulation for layout planning and improvement, digital twin development for operational improvements in logistics terminals and factories, and network design optimization projects for large multi-echolon distribution networks in automotive sparepart industry.

I manage analytics and simulation projects, including their technical implementation, to improve production processes, logistics networks and supply chain management. I deliver simulation models, scheduling algorithms, optimization APIs and network optimizations. I do so both in the form of strategic studies and reports as well as technical implementations in the form of server-based applications or integrated interfaces. I mostly develop my solutions in Python, and I deploy my apps as executable desktop applications as well as hosted web applications for easy access and implementation. The benefit here being that clients do not necessarily need any technical skills or IT-capabilities in order to use my solutions. All can be made available through a easy to use web-based user interface. However, I also develop APIs for integration into larger software development projects, if preferred.”

For more details please check Linnart’s LinkedIn-profile. Looking forward to getting in touch!