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In this article I introduce my webshop for simulation model development experts. Being a simulation developer myself I have spent a lot of time developing simulation models from scratch. Sometimes I asked myself why no one has created a webshop with pre-developed simulation models, components and documentation yet? Having access to such a platform, with pre-developed ressources, would be a huge boost to productivity. It could also make simulation modeling, and the findings resulting from simulation models, more accessible. That is, accessible to a wider audience. One day I decided to initiate such a webshop myself. In this article I introduce the concept behind as well as my vision for the webshop’s future.

A platform for simulation modeling experts

The name of my webshop is “Simulation Helpdesk”. It facilitates a platform for simulation modeling experts. You can see a screenshot below. The screenshot shows the webshop header.

The webshop is in a startup phase. I currently focus on getting more experts to join and share their models on the platform. On the webshop model developers can create their own store, and in that store they can share anything from simulation reports and training videos, to model components, entire simulation models, books, and presentations.

Setting up a store on the Simulation Helpdesk platform

Any simulation expert that would like to share his or her models, i.e. allow other experts or users to purchase their models or components, can do so by creating a vendor account. Here are some models and other artifacts that are e.g. sold by current vendors on the platform.

As you can see from above overview the platform provides not just models or components for purchase. It is my vision that many other artifacts can actively be traded here: Training videos, books, process descriptions, exercises, study reports and research papers are some exemplary artifacts that already are traded on the platform and that I would like to trade more on the platform. If you want to sell such artifacts on the platform you can do so by following the steps highlighted below:

Click the “BECOME A VENDOR” button on the website and follow the steps indicated in above illustration. You can access the platform by using below link:

Having introduced the vision and motivation for “Simulation Helpdesk” I now want to discuss one exemplary simulation model that I have made available on the platform.

Exemplary model for sale: Starbucks Coffeeshop model

This model was developed by me. I developed it in simio and made it available for purchase on my webshop. Customers who purchase this product will get the model itself, as well as a simulation report in Word format. The report includes documentation, findings as well as a case description. The download includes a simulation model of a Starbucks coffee shop. I also uploaded a demo of the model on Youtube. You can see it in below video.


In the product description I shared the following conceptual model description on the platform. This information is available for customers that may purchase the package:

  • Customers enter to coffeeshop
  • The customer either wants to take away or drink coffee/tea at the coffeshop
  • Customer enters to cashier queue waiting to be serviced
  • If the customer waits more than 5 minutes they are 50% likely to leave the queue. (Reneging)
  • Once it is his/her turn, the customer orders and pays at the cashier
  • The customer leaves a randomly distributed profit (triangular distribution, parameters (2,4,6) USD)
  • The customer waits for the coffee/tea to be prepared by the barista
  • Once the product is ready customer either sits on one of the available seats or takes-away
  • Some customers want to sit down when they enter the coffeeshop
  • If all the seats are full, he/she will leave the system without entering any queue (balking)
  • Cashiers and baristas are payed 15 USD per hour and flexible workers are payed 16 USD per hour
  • Cashiers can only work in the cashier, baristas can only work in preparing orders processes whereas flexible workers can work in either process

I built this model using the free version of Simio. Users can open the model file and use it in any version of Simio 10 or above.

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