Below is an tabular overview of all R-related posts published on this blog.

Map-based point and density plots in R, using ggmap
Digital trace data for Bayer stock price analysis in R
Map plots in R with ggplot2
Comparison of major regression methods, in R
Using deckgl in R for spatial data visualisation
Spatial SCM data visualisation in R
Single warehouse problem: Locating warehouse at center of mass (using R)
Coding a Leaflet Shiny App for drawing heatmaps
R code for constructing a cost matrix for discrete warehouse location problems
Warehouse assignment problem: Assigning customers to nearest warehouse (using R)
Locating multiple warehouses at center of mass (using R)
Proximity-based spatial customer grouping (in R)
Simple linear programming with integer variables in R, using lpSolve
Solving a simple linear programming problem using lpSolve in R
Cost minimal production scheduling – solving the assignment problem with lpSolve in R
Solving linear transport problem with lp.transport in R, using lpSolve
OECD package (interface) in R: Reading (German) freight transport data from OECD directly in R
Gradient descent in R, for non-linear optimization (nloptr package)
K-Means clustering performed on OECD data in R
OECD GDP data analysis in R
Applying fredr package in R: Analyzing FRED domestic car production data for USA
Comparing different German transport sectors by volume, using OECD data in R
Solving linear problem with fuzzy constraints by sampling beta with FuzzyLP in R
Linear optimization with fuzzy constraints conducted in R with FuzzyLP
Time series of hourly earnings in US automotive industry (bls.gov), analyzed in R
Plotting carsalesbase total annual US vehicle sales data (using R)
VDA time series data on German automotive industry, analyzed in R
Kaggle second hand car data for German automotive market, analyzed in R
Public fuel consumption data from data.gov, for Montgomery county – visualized in R
German used car prices: Impact of vehicle age and milage (kaggle, R)
Analyzing used car prices with German ebay postings from 2016 (kaggle, R)
OICA production output statistics for automotive industry (R analysis)
EPA data analyzed in R for visualizing US powertrain shares
Testing “coronavirus”, a package in R for accessing data from J.H. university
Forecasting US automotive industry production output with simple moving average
CAGR-based forecasting, using OICA production data (in R)
Geocoding with osmdata in R
Leaflet heatmaps in R
Map-based scatter plots with deckgl in R
Geocoding spatial data with tidygeocoder in R