In a previous post I introduced the AutoCAD region command.

In this post I will demonstrate three AutoCAD commands related to AutoCAD regions.

I will be working with the following object:

I first enter the UNION command and select the entire geometry object displayed in above figure. I press ENTER and receive the following result:

If I instead choose the INTERSECT command and select the first two circles then I will get the following results – only the intersection between the two circles remains:

If I instead use the SUBTRACT command and first select the first circle, press ENTER, and then select the second circle and press ENTER, the following result is displayed:

For the drawing displayed in above figure I now use the UNION command on the remaining sequence of circles. After that I change to 3D mode in AutoCAD. This is what you will see:

I can now e.g. use the EXTRUDE AutoCAD command on the two regions that were returned by the SUBTRACT and UNION AutoCAD commands.

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